About Us

The late Ruka Jr preparing hangi with his Whanau

Easy Hāngī was founded by Ruka Broughton and honour's his son Ruka jnr who passed away in 2020.

This new innovation developed from an idea during 2017 after seeking hāngī meals for home. Firstly, a custom made hāngī trailer unit was built that cooked 100 hāngī using LPG to heat stones. With the trailer 4,400 dinners were produced in a garage as part of  fundraising to help our community. Creativity led to more effective and efficient ways of making hāngī and the ‘Easy Hāngī Cooking Kit’ was born. 

No oil is used in the cooking process, and the AUTHENTIC taste and aroma of hāngī permeates through the food. The kits are easy to assemble, safe, and simple to use, with hassle free cleaning. Additionally they offer their own secret hāngī recipe with each kit.  

These products can be used inside on home stoves alongside your usual kitchenware or outside with gas burners and refillable bottles. And operating systems have been developed to provide high quality at a low cost, such as distinctive product design and cooking methods. They have intellectual property providing secret elements and unique processes. Together these produce the authentic hāngī taste, not known anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, Trade Mark has been approved and Patent pending. 

We support all methods of cooking hāngī including ground made.

Ruka Cooking Video